Turkish Music Makam Guide (2 CD)

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The aim of this Makam Guide is to make Turkish classical music more accessible, so that it can inspire musicians who would not otherwise hae the opportunity to properly study this grand tradition. It is intended for practical use by musicians of any discipline.

The Makam Guide presents makams in a manner which makes them more comprehensible and establishes a foundation upon which musicians will be able to imitate and use them.

Ek bilgi



Sayfa Sayısı



Basım Yeri

Basım Tarihi



Murat Aydemir

İngilizce çeviri

Erman Dirikcan

Hoşunuza gidebilir…

Meanings in Turkish Musical Culture

Eugenia Popescu-Judetz is an ethnomusicologist and art historian with foremost expertise in Turkish musical writings and performing arts of the Ottoman period. Adjunct Professor and Museum Consultant to Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she has taught courses in the folk music and performing arts of Eastern Europe and Turkey. She is the author of several monographs and essays on Turkish music sources and Romanian folk arts.


Beyond the Glory of the Sultans o Cantemir`s View of the Turks

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Prince Dimitrie Cantemir (1673-1723) combined a multitude of talents in a complex personality of spiritual enlightenment and intellectual curiosity. His works form a reservoir of facts and histories that reveal surprising angles to many philosophical and cultural questions through a maze of revolving evasions in search for the deep meaning. Cantemir never ceased to amaze European and Turkish intellectuals with the wealth of his analyses and observations across interrelated areas of knowledge. The humanistic curiosity of Cantemir has no limits as he continues to move around the multifaceted points of his attention in search of the ultimate perspective to his subjects. The Turks, their actions and customs aggressive and kindly, genuine and symbolic, ordinary and majestic, stand in overwhelming light on the center stage of Cantemir`s world of configurations.


Prince Dimitrie Cantemir

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The present book is not limited to the study of Cantemir`s treatise on Ottoman music. It first gives us the complete story of his eventful and dramatic life including his Russian stage and an account of his multifarious activities. In the same chapter the writer goes through not only his history of the Ottoman empire but other Cantemir books and other Romanian sources about the Prince and familiarises us with the content of these works. Her quotations from and references to various non-standard sources make this part of the book more useful and appealing. I believe this introduction will become a standard source for anybody who is to consider Cantemir`s life, his story and other works.